Hi, my name's Jeremy but I guess you already got that far. Before I was a designer by vocation I was a designer by hobby, letting curiosity lead me to new skills and software. I first learned HTML via the trial-and-error tradition of right-click-view-source and I first embraced Photoshop in an effort to create album artwork for my brother's band.
16 years later my curiosity continues to guide me. Learning new applications, exploring new design disciplines, and seeking new sources of inspiration fuels my creativity daily.
I've worked freelance and full-time roles, in-office and remotely, locally and internationally. I pride myself on being an all-around designer who can take on any project, create concepts and prototypes, produce pixel-perfect designs, and write responsive HTML/CSS.
My most recent full-time role was Senior Designer at PAI Health (formerly Mio Global) and I'm currently looking for opportunities to apply my diverse skill set. If you'd like to chat please get in touch.
"Jeremy is an extremely passionate and articulate collaborator, he is transparent in his process and more than willing to share his insights and methodology with others. He's a great team player, while fully capable of carrying out a project on his own. I couldn't recommend Jeremy highly enough for anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him."
– Ray Noori, Co-Founder & CEO at Block Zero
Experience & Ability
​​​​​​​Design skills: Visual design, graphic/print design, UI/UX design, HTML, CSS
​​​​​​​Soft skills: Clear communication, deadline management, self-motivated, ability to lead a team/process, creative problem solver, flexible and adaptable, comfortable in a team or working independently.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Xd; Sketch; Atom; CodeKit
Away From the Computer
When I'm not at my computer I enjoy spending time with my wife, watching movies, reading, playing sports, playing guitar (poorly), running/jogging, and going for long walks with our dogs.
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